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Present your company and your products at Nordstil and let your customers participate. Here you will find all the information and tools you need to address your visitors in a targeted manner.

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Would you like to invite your customers or do you still need a text or images about Nordstil for your website? You will soon find a prepared text and images for your communication here.

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Are you present at or reporting on Nordstil? Here you'll find the Nordstil brands and current motifs for immediate download.


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Make sure you invite your customers and business partners to Nordstil in good time. Customisable advertising material and free admission ticket vouchers will be available here. 

Your success is important to us – Create and order your promotional materials quickly and easily here.

You can also create ticket vouchers for your customers in our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

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For a targeted approach to your customers, you can download the current versions of the visitor newsletters here.


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Here you will find invitation posts that you can share on your social media channels to invite your customers to Nordstil.