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A perfect combination: The Village and Northern Lights at Nordstil

Nov 22, 2018

The right people with the right ideas in the right place. To be successful in business, you don’t really need much more. Nordstil, the lifestyle trade show in Hamburg, will in fact have two hotspots of this kind between 12 and 14 January 2019: the Village in Hall A4 and Northern Lights in Hall A3.

Eleven companies, one meeting point. The Village is one of the first ports of call at Nordstil. Visitors are not just drawn into the hospitable marketplace with a bistro and a relaxed atmosphere. But, more importantly, it also has a highly successful joint exhibition where several hand-picked German manufacturers present their latest collections and designs in a highly inspiring product mix. “Today’s retail trade is less about having everything. What’s far more important for a good shopping experience is consistency in the way we target the customer. “In the Village we show how retailers have created really superb product lines and decorations, using only a small number of suppliers. But the ones they use are excellent, and so those retailers can achieve two things: surprise their customers and encourage loyalty in them," to quote Christian Schmidt, CEO of the Gift Company.

The Village shows retailers at Nordstil how to compile really good product lines.
The Village shows retailers at Nordstil how to compile really good product lines.

The spokesman of the group is planning a particularly attractive presentation of merchandise for 2019, which he is compiling together with the other companies on the team, Cedon, Donkey Products, Frohstoff, Good Old Friends, Nogallery, Philippi, Paperproducts Design, Räder, Raumgestalt and Reisenthel. As well as their location, the exhibitors in the Village are united by the same DNA. All of them are owner-managed retail-focused companies, have their own development departments and manufacture either in Germany or in other European countries. This certainly gives the Village a further bonus point, because interest in authentic products with traceable origins has long developed into a widespread trend among consumers.

Northern Lights is setting trend signals

The Northern Lights section has become well established as a beacon for everyone wanting to find something special. There will be around 40 creative companies in Hall A3, presenting individual trend and design products to a young and ambitious audience. Many of the exhibitors are Northern lights in a geographical sense – for instance, Annabella Stellmacher, an artist and illustrator from Lübeck. She has created a small brand with some magical stationery products for children and for those who are young at heart. The name Masbelleza may not sound like it, but it is actually based in Hamburg. It’s a creative jewellery brand, designed by Annika Müller, a mechanical engineering graduate. She now creates handmade jewellery collections which reflect both her creativity and her technical expertise, adding a special touch to her filigree designs.

The Northern Lights section at Nordstil
The Northern Lights section at Nordstil

Stylish, creative and personal. When we exchange gifts, it’s getting increasingly important how we package them. This trend is being pursued by several exciting Northern Lights. The Danish publishing company Collema Wrapping offers gift paper that combines both art and design. A personal touch is at the focus of the Berlin-based company Designkonsorten, whose creative sets of stamps encourage buyers to design their own stationery and greeting cards with perfect ease.

Another speciality among young designers is gifts that combine aesthetic beauty and a deeper meaning. BeeGoodies from Hamburg offers a smart alternative to disposable packaging: locally made sheets of beeswax that are food-safe, washable and beautifully designed – a delight for both the heart and the eye. A similar approach is taken by Ever & Again from Frankfurt, whose products are made by a local rehab facility using upcycled materials. They include a range of delightful kitchen and dining accessories, such as bread baskets, napkins and food covers. Weathergoods from Sweden puts the emphasis on being well prepared – with attractive and highly functional bags, backpacks and rain capes to encourage people to abandon their cars and use bicycles instead.

Nordstil will be held from 12 to 14 January 2019.

Nordstil – regional ordering days in Hamburg

Nordstil is the regional ordering platform for the North. It features a wide product range, covering four segments: Home & Garden, Style & Design, Gifts & Stationery, and Jewellery & Fashion. Nordstil is the regional ordering platform for spring and summer business and then again for autumn, winter and Christmas business. It is aimed at northern distributors.

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