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In the spotlight: Trend Islands and store tour provide creative impules for the point of sale

28 Nov 2023

They set the tone for the upcoming season: the Trend Islands adjacent to the Nordstil Forum in Hall B1.EG show retailers which trends will be relevant. The special area curated with exhibitor products provides creative ideas – whether for the design of exciting (additional) product ranges or for the staging of shop windows. The guided store tour through Hamburg on the Saturday of the fair will provide new inspiration for original store concepts.

"Individual, personal taste will take centre stage next season. Goodbye perfection –whatever you like is allowed," says Olaf Stademann, Window & Store Designer and visual merchandising expert. With the two Trend Islands, the curator shows retailers in concrete terms how current trends can be brought to life at the point of sale, how product ranges can be staged in an exciting way and how special shopping experiences can be created. "Even more conscious and multifunctional – that’s how we're setting ourselves up in 2024. This is demonstrated by the first Trend Island 'Mix & Match' with unusual combinations, bright pattern mixes and bold colours. 'More than Sea(sonal)' forms the antithesis to this: In the current turbulent times, the second Trend Island reflects an escape from everyday life and a longing for more time with family and friends in a cosy atmosphere," says the curator. These are the Trend Islands at Winter-Nordstil 2024:

Stool from The Home Project Design Studio
Stool from The Home Project Design Studio

Mix & Match

The coming year celebrates creative exuberance beyond norms, but with expressive design elements such as strong colours like red in all its facets, blue, yellow and also striking green, but also "non-colours" like black, brown and white. Surprising fuchsia accents make sure you’ll be wowed, have pulsating effects and conveys joy of life. Opposites unite harmoniously for something new: bold geometric patterns meet playful organic elements, and Future Retro integrates a design language inspired by nature. Simply any mix of patterns is welcome in the coming season: creativity may run wild and Maximalism is key: design in 2024 is sensual and powerful. Coarse textures with a pronounced structure and character, such as fur, corduroy, leather, cork and glass, add a new sensual quality.

3D print vase from Chic mic
3D print vase from Chic mic

More than Sea(sonal)

Inspired by the ocean, the design trend More than Sea(sonal) invites you to dream: Blue in its many variations, from azure and royal blue to turquoise and indigo to petrol and black blue dominate the colour palette and play with associations of vastness and longing. More than Sea(sonal) invites us to take small escapes from everyday life and exude the lightness of a fresh breeze. The design vocabulary is based on the marine habitat. Beige and white as you may find them in striped designs create a harmonious flair. Colourful accents in trendy orange surprise and enliven with a contemporary twist. Cool porcelain and glass, but also objects made of wood and wickerwork remind us of a maritime way of life. The theme plays with the layering of textiles and other materials, with translucence and opacity. The associative proximity to the sea is also reflected in their fineness or their coarse texture.

Store tour through Hamburg

At the next Winter Nordstil, Daniel Schnödt from Trendforum Retail will once again be bringing creative store concepts to life: on the Saturday of the fair, he will be guiding visitors through the Hanseatic city and presenting three unusual successful retail concepts. It all starts at Bethge: Here you will find everything for original (additional) product ranges – from exquisite leather items and high-quality office accessories to elegant notebooks and original greeting cards. Bethge inspires, surprises and reflects the diversity of its home city of Hamburg with its colourful product worlds. The second station is the streetwear brand LFDY: the progressive fashion label breaks down boundaries and stands for authenticity and change. The modern collections are inspired by ideas of freedom, social movements, urban life and street culture, bold shapes and materials and great personalities. The tour ends at Lynk & Co – the brand rethinks mobility and not only presents innovative cars, sustainable car-sharing models and flexible subscriptions, but also offers a place for a community and for events. Participants of the store tour can also visit Nordstil with their ticket. After the store tour, participants will travel to the trade fair together.

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