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New ideas bring fresh impetus.

Lectures, presentations and much more make Nordstil a special experience. Discover what awaits you in Hamburg.

Nordstil Forum: Ideas & Inspiration

Nordstil Forum

Which way is the market heading? What are the opportunities for retailers and which strategies offer the most promise? How can your product range and presentation be enhanced at point of sale? Expert lectures, workshops, live demonstrations and trend presentations give practical insights and tips.

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Creating shopping experiences. Inspire with individual and sustainable concepts. A journey through exciting and new collections. Discover ideas and inspiration for latest branded products and their presentation at the point of sale.

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Village Summer 2022

  • bLuxe GmbH A3 E68
  • Bon Dep As No Filial A3 E77
  • Frohstoff Meike Marie Buchholz A3 E66
  • Gift Company Geschenke Vertriebs GmbH A3 F68
  • Good old friends GmbH A3 E64
  • Joouls / IHAK Internationale Im- und Export Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG A3 E79
  • Mossapour Interior Designs OHG A3 F80
  • Paperproducts Design GmbH A3 F72
  • PIFFANY Copenhagen ApS A3 E80
  • Pink Stories A3 E78
  • Sompex GmbH & Co. KG A3 E72

Nordlichter: Manufacturers & Design


Nordlichter: The future for your range - with the inventive ideas of young designers, innovations from start-ups and high-quality objects, small, creative craft businesses are setting the course towards new and contemporary ranges. Order directly from manufacturers and designers.

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Buddelhelden: Wine & Spirits section

Heroes with bottle

Each bottle has its own special story to tell. On-trend spirits are gaining popularity with their unique flavour. Add a superior touch to your product assortment. Knowledge exchange, tastings, tips and advice from experienced vintners.

Hall B1.0

Buddelhelden Winter 2022:

  • Peppe Deutschland GmbH
  • Nork GmbH
  • Marc Sauer Einzelhandel
  • Tastillary GmbH
  • Seven Seals Innovation