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What are the latest branded products and how can they be presented eye-catchingly at point of sale?

Hall A3 E67 & E75

Village Winter 2022

  • bLuxe GmbH, A3 E68
  • Bon Dep As No Filial, A3 E77
  • Frohstoff Meike Marie Buchholz,A3 E66
  • Gift Company Geschenke Vertriebs GmbH, A3 F68
  • Good old friends GmbH, A3 E64
  • Joouls / IHAK Internationale Im- und Export Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, A3 E78
  • Mossapour Interior Designs OHG,    A3 F80
  • Paperproducts Design GmbH, A3 F72
  • PIFFANY Copenhagen ApS, A3 E79
  • Sompex GmbH & Co. KG, A3 E72

Nordlichter: Newcomer & Design


Make sure your product range is fit for the future – with imaginative ideas of young designers, innovations from start-ups and high-quality objects from small, creative artisan businesses. Order directly from manufacturers and designers.


3000watt GmbH | B40 E33
Airpaq UG | B40 E28
Beach Butler UG (haftungsbeschränkt) | B40 D40
DraussenImFreien GmbH | B40 E34
evervalue GmbH | B40 D34
Fadenrot - Anka Carls | B40 E35
Fawwi Taschen | B40 E29
hartgut Dachauer Slowy GbR | B40 E30
Heimat im Herzen GbR Dirk Dirschedl & Jonas Schlag | B40 D37
HOPERY Inh.: Benjamin Böhme | B40 E38
Keimgrün GmbH | B40 D32
Keitcards Inh. Christian Hueske | B40 E36
meiMuse Inh. Melanie Musenberg | B40 E32
Nestler & Glandt GbR | B40 D30
Nordkynd Vera Maria Horn | B40 E37
nw-pur Nicole Willmanns | B40 D28
ORION QUBO Siegel u. Stanness GbR | B40 D27
Pepa Lani GmbH | B40 D33
RAVARE Inh. Jenny Ullmann | B40 D31
Rozablue | B40 D29
Sandhasen GbR Peter Krauß, Niklas Zink | B40 D35
Schwickert + Bach + Fischer GbR | B40 D39
SeaYA Fashion Meike Kreie | B40 E31
SoB Scents of Bavaria GmbH | B40 E40
Speisekleid Neisen & Neisen GbR | B40 D36
Sperling Bags Björn Sperling | B40 E27
Stadtliebe Inh. Timm Hartmann | B40 E39

Buddelhelden: Wine & Spirits section

Heroes with bottle

Each bottle has its own special story to tell. On-trend spirits are gaining popularity with their unique flavour. Add a superior touch to your product assortment. Knowledge exchange, tastings, tips and advice from experienced vintners.