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New ideas bring fresh impetus.

Lectures, presentations and much more make Nordstil a special experience. Discover what awaits you in Hamburg.

Events of Nordstil Summer

Soon you will find information about Nordstil Winter here.

Nordstil Forum: Ideas & Inspiration

Nordstil Forum

Which way is the market heading? What are the opportunities for retailers and which strategies offer the most promise? How can your product range and presentation be enhanced at point of sale? Expert lectures, workshops, live demonstrations and trend presentations give practical insights and tips.

Please note: The Nordstil Forum programme will be held in German.

Trend Islands

Nordstil Trend Islands

The Nordstil Forum is suitably complemented by the curated Trend Islands, which are located in the immediate vicinity. These offer answers to the questions of how soritments can be staged in an exciting way and how unique shopping experiences can be created. Under two different mottos, this area offers visitors the latest trends and design concepts to encourage their customers to browse and buy.

Social Cocooning is all about coziness and conviviality. This trend island highlights the home and the cozy get-together and is therefore the perfect source of inspiration table decorations, candles and scented oils and home accessories. Soft colors such as beige, cream and taupe, as well as warm green and earth tones also provide relaxation. With the trend island Rather Enchanting provides the festive setting with shimmering, sparkling and dazzling decorations. Here you will find everything for magical moments: porcelain, glass objects, light glitter, textiles and room and table decorations. A play of strong color contrasts between white, pink, lilac and purple provide excitement and metallic gold and silver tones set festive, extravagant accents.

"The trend islands at Nordstil provide inspiration for the point-of-sale and show retailers very concretely how trends can be practically implemented in assortment and product design."

Susanne Schlimgen, Director Nordstil

"This season, the trend islands reflect the needs for the cold, dark season and for the upcoming festive season. My recommendation: a mix of different product groups. This awakens emotions and creates new buying impulses".

Curator Olaf Stademann, Window & Store Designer and Visual Merchandising Expert



In the Village you will find lots of exciting ideas for the point of sale. The design approaches on show focus on synergies as well as easily implementable, efficient and creative concepts. Stroll through the Village Square, get some impulses and exchange ideas. A little time out from the hustle and bustle of the fair and at the same time space for new ideas.

Nordlichter: Manufacturers & Design


Nordlichter: The future for your range – with the inventive ideas of young designers, innovations from start-ups and high-quality objects, small, creative craft businesses are setting the course towards new and contemporary ranges. Order directly from manufacturers and designers.



The area of feeder B3 is the meeting point for new exhibitors and returners. Here you will discover a designed exhibition area, with which all product areas of Nordstil will be staged in an eye-catching way.

Design Zentrum Hamburg

Design Zentrum Hamburg

The Design Zentrum is part of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, Germany's largest public funding institution for the creative industries.

At stand selected designers and young brands from the city will show their sustainable products and collections to a trade fair public for the first time.

Buddelhelden: Wine & Spirits section


Each bottle has its own special story to tell. On-trend spirits are gaining popularity with their unique flavour. Add a superior touch to your product assortment. Knowledge exchange, tastings, tips and advice from experienced vintners.