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Participation and prices.

Are you interested in exhibiting at Nordstil? Here you'll find all important details about the fair as well as the registration form.

Prices July 2022

Stand rent
1-side open EUR 92,– /m² *
2-sides open EUR 98,– /m² *
3-sides open EUR 107,– /m² *
4-sides open EUR 114,– /m² *
Stand rent: Repeat exhibitors
Repeat exhibitors are businesses that participated at Nordstil in winter 2022 and are now booking for summer 2022. 
1-side open EUR 90,– /m² *
2-sides open EUR 94,– /m² *
3-sides open EUR 101,– /m² *
4-sides open EUR 109,– /m² *

* Subject to change without notice. All square metre prices are exclusive of VAT and 0.60 EUR/sqm AUMA charge. The following services and items are included in the price: partition walls, exhibitor passes (quantity dependent on size of stand), standard entry in print publication and online exhibitor search. All additional services and equipment can be ordered and billed separately.

Note: Please be aware that the minimum stand size we can accommodate is 16 sqm. Participation declarations requesting a smaller stand size will be taken into account at a later stage of the planning process, if at all possible.

Deadline for registration is 28 March 2022.

Partition walls

The stand rental price includes the erection of 2.50 m high walls. All halls will be provided with stand system walls (Kanya or Octanorm).

Downloads for your trade fair preparations

The advanced stand construction can be ordered on 18. + 19. July 2022 for exhibitors with a stand size of more than 200 m². The halls intended for this will be announced shortly.

Orders must be placed via the Shop for Exhibitor Services and require approval.

The costs for the advanced assembly can be found in the exhibitor service shop.

Wednesday, 20. July 2022 | 7 a.m. to midnight
Thursday, 21. July 2022 | 7 a.m. to midnight
Friday, 22. July 2022 | from 7 a.m.
(from 6 p.m. in stand only).

Monday, 25. July 2022 | 5 p.m. - midnight
Tuesday, 26 July 2022 | Midnight - midnight (all day)

Dismantling stands ahead of time will result in exclusion from future trade fairs!

For further information about the early setting-up, please contact:

Jeanette Schmitt
Phone: +49 69 75 75-56 67

Stand construction

Stand construction

The Fairconstruction brand of Messe Frankfurt stands for all stand construction services provided by Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH not only at Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre but also at numerous other national and international venues. The range of services offered by Fairconstruction includes system-stand construction, individual-stand construction and event design for exhibitors and event organisers, as well as a wide range of hire furniture.

Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main
Phone + 49 69 75 75-66 66
Telefax + 49 69 75 75-65 28

Notes for exhibitors

We would like to inform you that numerous suppliers have issued so-called "unofficial exhibitor directories". There are also e-mails in circulation that offer lists of exhibitors and visitors. Please pay attention to our information on this topics:

We would like to inform you that numerous suppliers such as Construct Data (FAIRGuide, Expo Guide), Matic Verlagsgesellschaft mbH and the online catalogue "International Fairs Directory" have issued so-called "unofficial exhibitor directories".

These directories have nothing to do with the official exhibitor directory as issued by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH.

The official exhibitor directory as well as all online media are strictly issued by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH in collaboration with Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH.

The billing of the booked online media is based on the respective trade fair event visited. The invoices correspond to the typical Messe Frankfurt Corporate design.

You can find more information about the so-called "unofficial exhibitor directories" on the home page of the AUMA, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry.

We would like to inform you about e-mails with such or similar contents:



I am following up to confirm if you are interested in acquiring the Visitor’s List.

Trade fair event*, Frankfurt, Germany

Verified Visitor’s Counts: 10,100

Contact record includes: - Contact Name, Company Name, Contact Title, Telephone, E-mail and Web Address.

Let me know your interest, so that we can send you cost & additional information.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


* trade fair event e.g. Heimtextil, Nordstil, Ambiente.



There is no cooperation between the Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH and e-mail senders who offer an alleged "Attendees List/Visitors List" or similar. Visitors and/or exhibitor lists for trade fairs will by the Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH not be passed on, sold or passed on for sale to third parties in any other unauthorized way. Only non-personalized data (among others no personal e-mail addresses) is publicly accessible in the context of trade fairs. The scope of the exhibitor application depends on the marketing services (media package, exhibitor search, catalog etc.) booked for the trade fair event.